all too well from a taylor swift love story performed by barrett wilbert weed [x]

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stop calling bi, poly, and pan girl lesbians 2k14

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It’s Prince George’s first birthday today and within a year he has already become better than all of us. Bow down. 

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Have a good line.

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SPRING AWAKENING. #MinimalMusicals design. @msleamichele @JohnGallagherJr @Wake_X  @iwanrheon @lucymaybarker 
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Hey guys! I haven’t been on much in the last few days because I was at a Glee convention, and I probably won’t be on until next Wednesday because I’m flying out to NYC in a couple of hours for a holiday~



Is this Heathers: The Musical?


Is this Heathers: The Musical?

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My Glee girls.

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10 favorite BOM quotes

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sexuality: men singing musical theatre

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